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Mount Jet in Finland, Kuopio resort

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Mount Yet - a natural landmark of the Aland islands. A scenic view opens up from a mountain 98 meters above sea level to the Botanical Bay and the surrounding islands with amazing virgin nature. At the very top of Mount Yet there is an equipped observation deck and a restaurant Soltuna. The so-called"Magic" path leads down, along which, without any even the smallest children can walk at risk. During the descent from the mountain there is an opportunity to visit the Aland caves, to which, however, it is necessary walk five kilometers.

Common walking routes -"Caves","Trail trolls"," The trail of the Middle Ages"include the most picturesque places and give a great opportunity to enjoy the local nature and see many various birds.

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Topic: Mount Jet in Finland, Kuopio resort.Mount Jet in Finland, Kuopio resort

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