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Barnard Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThis castle, which rises on the banks of the Tees River, was built around 1095 by the feudal lord Guy de Baliol. The family of this feudal lord owned Barnard Castle for two centuries. The same family founded the city of the same name, which now surrounds the castle. During the early Middle Ages, Barnard Castle was considered powerful and impregnable, one of the most impressive castles in all of northern England. It still attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. During the entire existence of the castle, many famous noble families owned it. For a period of time, the castle was owned by the royal family, and even the bishops of Durham, who constantly wanted to take possession of Barnard Castle. The main part of the castle is a courtyard with a large round tower, as well as the remains of kitchens and a large hall. This courtyard is surrounded by a large moat that separates it from the city and middle courtyard. The complex is usually viewed from the north gate. If you go through them, you can get into the city courtyard, in which the townspeople hid during the danger. After the city, there is a middle courtyard, which connects the city and inner courtyards. On one side of the courtyard is the Constable Tower, through which you used to enter the castle. The courtyard of the castle has been expanded and fortified many times. In front of its entrance are the ruins of the Headlam tower, which was the main gate tower in the 12th century. Further, there are the remains of the walls of the kitchen block and the Mortam tower, built in the XIV century and serving as a living quarters. A large 15th century bay window can be seen near this tower, probably added during the short reign of Richard III. This can be judged by the fact that the bay window is decorated with the image of a wild boar, which was the symbol of Richard. However, the most imposing structure of the courtyard is without a doubt the round tower that used to be the lord's bedroom. If you climb this tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Tis River valley and the castle complex.

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Topic: Barnard Castle in Great Britain.Barnard Castle in Great Britain

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