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Tintagel Castle in Great Britain

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ImageA large number of legends and secrets are associated with this castle, but its real history remains a mystery. It is located on the north coast of Cornwall. Unfortunately, by now only ruins have remained of the castle, in which you can see the northern wall and the remains of the lower and upper courtyards. It is believed that the castle was founded by the brother of Henry III and the Earl of Corwall Richard. Thus, the castle was built around the 1230s. Historical information says that in the XIV century the castle was repaired, but in 1483 almost all of its buildings were already abandoned. Despite the fact that only ruins have survived from the castle, the flow of tourists here does not stop. This is connected with the old legends about King Arthur known to all. People believe that in the 5th-6th centuries on the site of the castle was the citadel of the kings of Cornwall, where King Arthur was born. Thanks to archaeologists, the ancient legend has a right to life - objects were found here, confirming that a Roman settlement was located on the site of Tintagl at that time. Among other things, a stone with a Latin inscription was discovered in the vicinity of the castle, telling about the semi-mythical ruler King Koyle. It is this atmosphere of legends and secrets that attracts tourists from all over the world to Tintagel. It is said that Clive S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, spent a whole night in the ruins of this castle, where he received a boost of inspiration.

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Topic: Tintagel Castle in Great Britain.Tintagel Castle in Great Britain

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