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Great Pagoda in the UK, London resort

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Big Pagoda called one of the most interesting sights of London. It is not surprising, because this is the most eastern structure in the very the center of European civilization. The Great Pagoda is the first architectural a monument in Europe, built in the Chinese style. This architectural whim was brought to life in the 18th century at the request of Augusta - the mother of George III.

The London Pagoda is located in the royal gardens of Kew and is a structure of ten octahedral tiers. His high is fifty meters, and the diameter is 15 meters. To climb to the top pagodas, you have to climb 243 steps. Externally, the building is decorated in gray brick, the roof is tiled with tiles. Big pagoda is considered the most accurate reproduction of the Chinese style in Europe.

The architect of this brilliant architectural structure is William Chambers. It is known that in his project the tower was decorated with figures of dragons. FROM they are associated with one legend, which is sure to be told to tourists, placing the Great Pagoda. It was said among the people that the dragons sitting on the structure were made of gold. Prince George IV, whose lifestyle was impossible called exemplary, supposedly so badly needed funds that he sold these dragons. However, in reality, dragons that were made of gold plated the tree was not destroyed by the thirst for money, but by the rain and wind that destroyed the tree. No one began to restore the figurines.

After the construction of the pagoda in Kew, all over Europe began her imitations appear. So, one of these pagodas can be found in Munich English Garden. By the way, such an eastern structure could appear in our Russia - in Tsarskoe Selo. The great Russian tsarina Catherine II appealed to architect Charles Cameron with a request to design the same pagoda for the Chinese villages. However, the project was not implemented.

Together with other structures in Kew Gardens, the Big Pagoda belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For tourists the attraction has been open since 2006.

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Topic: Great Pagoda in the UK, London resort.Great Pagoda in the UK, London resort

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