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Turku Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort

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Turku Cathedral - the main Lutheran temple Finland, is located in the city of Turku. The cathedral was built in the second half of the XIII century, consecrated in honor of the Virgin Mary and Saint Henry, the first bishop and the baptist of Finland.

The cathedral was founded in 1258 and built in the style of the northern gothic. For a long time, the cathedral was a model for the construction of other temples. The first the stone cathedral was small, much smaller than the modern one. Facade it was in the place where the department is located today. Was much lower and vault of the first temple. During the medieval period, the cathedral was rebuilt many times and expanded. In the 15th century, for example, side chapels were added to the cathedral. A little later, the height of the central nave was increased to modern dimensions, which amounted to 24 meters. A fire broke out in 1827 causing serious damage the temple. The tower of the cathedral, a little over a hundred meters high, was built during the restoration cathedral after this fire. Over time, she became the symbol of the city.

The interior of the cathedral was created in the 30s of the XIX century by Carl Engel and Frederick Westin. The vault and walls of the altar part were decorated with frescoes by R. V. Ekman. Later stained glass windows by Vladimir Sverchkov the northern chapels were decorated. In 1980, the cathedral was installed 81-registering organ.

Buried in the chapel of St. George at the Cathedral Bishop Hemming, canonized. Among famous personalities are buried here Katarina Monsdotter, Maunu II Tavast, Konrad Bitz, Oke Tott and others.

One of the galleries of the cathedral houses the Cathedral Museum, opened here in 1982, after the completion of restoration work. Before There is a monument to the church reformer Mikael in the Turku Cathedral Agricole.

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Topic: Turku Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort.Turku Cathedral in Finland, Turku resort

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