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Radston Monolith in Great Britain

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ImageThe Radston Monolith is the tallest menhir in the country, measuring over 7.5 meters in height, but with rather thin outlines. This megalithic structure is located in the courtyard of the church in the village of Radston in Yorkshire. According to the assumptions of historians, the church made in the Norman style was built exactly here because this place was considered sacred and cult among the villagers. The upper part of the Radston Monolith is broken off, otherwise it was even a meter higher in height. Nearby, according to Royston, there was once another menhir, but later it was buried under the ground of the churchyard. The top of the Radston Monolith is covered with a tip that protects the monument from further destruction. The first, lead, was worn back in 1773 and later replaced. Also, around the menhir, researchers find traces of previous centuries. So, Sir William Strickland, engaged in excavations at the end of the 18th century, found human skulls buried next to the menhir, which speaks of the sacrifices carried out here. And on the wall of the menhir itself you can see the imprinted footprints of the ancient inhabitant of the planet - a dinosaur.

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Topic: Radston Monolith in Great Britain.Radston Monolith in Great Britain

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