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Sanctuary of Monte d'Accoddi in Italy, Sardinia resort

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The Sardinian ziggurat is an ancient megalithic monument discovered in 1954 near Sassari. The monument was named Ziggurat because of its multi-stage form.

Archaeologists, having studied this area, came to the conclusion that the sanctuary was founded here by representatives of the Ozieri culture more than 5.5 thousand years ago ... In the future, the ziggurat was repeatedly completed. The most recent renovation work was carried out between 2600-2400 BC

Previously, this site was home to representatives of the Ozieri culture. There was also a necropolis and a sanctuary with a menhir (stone slabs used for sacrifices). Later, the first platform was erected on this site, having a height of about five meters and a base area of 27x27 meters. Directly on it there was an area of 7.5x12.5 meters, painted with ocher, it was because of the color that the structure was called the `` red temple ''.

According to studies, in the third millennium BC .e. a terrible fire broke out on the territory, forcing local residents to leave these places. For a long time, the temple was in a ruined and abandoned state, covered with stones and earth – thus, a second platform was formed, reaching a height of ten meters. The shape of this ancient structure is similar to the ziggurats of Mesopotamia, which were created around the same time.

For some time, the sanctuary was an important religious center, but after the onset of the Bronze Age it fell into decay. Around 1800 BC the building was used as a burial place. During the Second World War, a trench was dug in these places for the installation of an anti-aircraft battery; during the work, the upper part of the temple was seriously damaged. At the end of the war   archaeological excavations began in these places, during which the sanctuary was partially restored. Currently, the ziggurat is one of the most popular tourist sites on the island.


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Topic: Sanctuary of Monte d'Accoddi in Italy, Sardinia resort.Sanctuary of Monte d'Accoddi in Italy, Sardinia resort

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