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Arrows of the Devil in Great Britain

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ImageArrows of the Devil refer to three ancient menhirs located just 150 feet from the busy A1 highway in North Yorkshire, Britain. Not far from here, the highway intersects with the Yur River. Arrows of the Devil are a monument of prehistoric times, however, scientists have not yet been able to establish their exact age. The stones are badly damaged by rain. The tallest of the"arrows" is almost 7 meters in height, thus ranking second in size after the Radston Monolith among the ancient menhirs of Britain. One of the stones included in the Devil's Arrows fell out of the structure in the 18th century due to the carelessness of the then treasure seekers. Later, a bridge across the Jura was created from this stone. The origin of the menhir stones themselves is roughly established. They are taken from the Plumpton Rocks, located 15 km from the ancient monument. The menhir also has its own legend dating back to the 18th century. According to her, the Devil himself scattered stones here, trying to get from Howe Hill to the nearby city of Oldborough. But he did not succeed in casting, and the stones landed near the village of Borobridge, where they are now.

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Topic: Arrows of the Devil in Great Britain.Arrows of the Devil in Great Britain

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