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London Public Transport Museum UK, London Resort

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London Public Transport Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of London public transport. Located in the Covent Garden area. It was opened in 1980, it was closed for reconstruction in 2005-2007.

There are more than a thousand exhibits in the museum's collection: here are presented previously operating trains, steam locomotives, trams, cabs, buses, models of various vehicles.

The first subway in the world appeared in London, so there are many models related to the history of the underground: models of the first locomotives, construction scenes, the first subway car, and so on. The word"underground" is not common in London, more often it is called simply"underground". Ground transport is represented in the museum's exposition by horse trams, double-decker trolleybuses, trams and buses.

Each exhibit in the museum makes sounds: cars are buzzing, passengers are talking, horses are neighing, the railway is creaking. These sounds can be heard as you approach each exhibit closer. All this creates an amazing atmosphere.

Most of the exhibits of the London Public Transport Museum can be touched, sometimes even climbed into the driver's seat. The museum contains interactive simulators on which you can try to operate an old locomotive, making stops and following the schedule.

Guests of the city should definitely visit this museum, there are unique, carefully preserved and surrounded by care, the best examples of London public transport.

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Topic: London Public Transport Museum UK, London Resort.London Public Transport Museum UK, London Resort

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