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Imperial War Museum, UK, Resort London

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The Imperial War Museum is a museum in London. The collection of the museum includes military equipment, weapons, household items of the war years, a public library, an archive of photographs, an art collection. All of these exhibits highlight armed conflicts since the 20th century, in particular those in which the UK has participated. Since the subject matter is very specific, not everyone is interested in the museum, but, nevertheless, in it, even without being interested in military history, you can spend the whole day examining the exhibits. In addition, the museum hosts exhibitions dedicated to the Holocaust and Nazism.

During World War I, the British wartime government decided to establish the National War Museum. In 1917, the collection of exhibits was announced to form the exposition. Pretty soon, a specially created committee collected materials illustrating the participation of Great Britain in the war, telling about the army, the navy, the production of weapons and ammunition, about women's labor in the rear. The grand opening of the museum took place in 1920. For decades, the museum has been wandering in search of a suitable place, and this was found in 1936. It was the building of the former Royal Hospital south of the Thames. It was under threat of demolition, but the fact that it housed the Imperial War Museum saved the building from destruction.

Immediately after the outbreak of World War II in 1939, the museum began collecting materials dedicated to it. In 1940 the museum was closed, in 1941 it was hit by a German bomb, as a result of which the collection was badly damaged. The collection of the exposition began anew in 1946.

Today, the museum has a large collection of military equipment from different periods, there are many thematic exhibitions. The goal of the museum is not only to show weapons and equipment, but also to provide visitors with information about modern military conflicts, their impact on the individual and society.

At the entrance to the museum there are 15-inch guns from the ships"Ramillies" and"Resolution". In the main hall of the museum - the"Great Exhibition Gallery" - large exhibits are presented. In particular, this is an 18-pound British field gun of the First World War, a British 9.2-inch howitzer, a British tank of the First World MK V T-34-85, an English infantry tank"Matilda", a German self-propelled gun"Jagdpanther", 25- pound field cannon of the Second World War and others. In addition to this large exposition, the museum has organized exhibitions on every military conflict in which Great Britain has participated since the First World War. Each exhibition presents weapons, uniforms, awards, maps and other documents.

On the basis of the museum, work is carried out with schoolchildren: separate excursions and classes for children are held. Children's exhibitions are regularly held, presenting the military history of the country in a form convenient for children.

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