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Wellington Column in Great Britain, Liverpool Resort

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ImageWellington's Column is a monumental monument in Liverpool, otherwise known as the Waterloo Monument. The monument is dedicated to the personality and activities of the first Duke of Wellington. It is located at the intersection of William Brown and Lyme Streets. After the death of the first Duke of Wellington in 1852, the inhabitants of Liverpool decided to erect a monument in honor of his victories. A committee was created to raise funds for the construction, but the townspeople were reluctant to part with their funds. In 1856, a competition was organized for the best design of the monument in order to find a suitable sculptor. It was won by Andrew Lawson. In 1861, another competition was organized, as a result of which it was necessary to create a statue of the duke. This competition was won by George Anderson Lawson. The foundation stone of the monument was laid in the spring of 1861, and work was completed at the end of 1865. Wellington's Column is a corrugated column mounted on a pedestal. The foundation of the monument is made of sandstone, the pedestal is granite. The monument is 132 meters high, includes a column 81 meters high, the statue itself is 25 meters high and a stepped base with a square pedestal. On each of the four sides of the pedestal, there is a bronze plaque with bronze eagles at the corners. The end of the Battle of Waterloo is depicted on a brass plank on the south side of the pedestal. On the brass boards on the other sides of the pedestal, relief images of the Duke of Wellington's other victorious battles are carved. On the pedestal is a fluted Doric column with 169 steps leading to an observation deck. At the top, the column tapers to form a cylinder that crowns the dome. On the dome stands a bronze statue of the Duke of Wellington, made of copper captured cannons captured from the enemy at the Battle of Waterloo. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Wellington Column in Great Britain, Liverpool Resort.Wellington Column in Great Britain, Liverpool Resort

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