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Hamm railway bridge in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf

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The Hamm Bridge is an all-welded steel rail bridge across the Rhine. The bridge is located in the Hamm area. In 1987, the defensive towers of the bridge were included in the list of state-protected architectural monuments.

Construction of the bridge began in April 1868. The grand opening took place already in 1870. The bridge was named after Wilhelm the First, Emperor of Germany. On both sides of the bridge, two octagonal towers were built, serving not only as decoration, but also as a defensive point.

In 1909-1911, a new double-track bridge was built 32 meters from the bridge, because the old bridge could no longer cope with the traffic volume. On the new bridge, defensive towers were also erected on both sides. After the opening of the new bridge, the old one was closed for reconstruction. The bridge reopened in 1912, since then the bridges have been used simultaneously.

In March 1945, the retreating Wehrmacht troops blew up all the bridges across the Rhine, including both railway bridges. Reconstruction work on the northern bridge, as less damaged, was started already at the end of 1945. Less damaged elements of the south bridge were used for the reconstruction of the north bridge. The opening of the bridge took place in July 1946. The south bridge was dismantled, only the defensive towers remained from it.

After the creation of the city train in the Rhine-Ruhr region, it was decided to build a new four-track bridge. The construction of a new bridge on the site of the south bridge was started in 1984, the opening took place three years later. After the opening, the old north bridge was demolished along with the towers.


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Topic: Hamm railway bridge in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf.Hamm railway bridge in Germany, resort of Dusseldorf

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