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Holkem Hall in the UK

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ImageHolkham Hall is a manor house built by the 1st Earl of Lester Thomas Cook for himself in the middle of the 18th century. As for the territory of the estate itself, it has long been in the possession of Edward Cook, the ancestor of Thomas. The manor territories, together with the house, to this day remain the property of the Earls of Leicester. The building was built by architects William Kent and the Earl of Burlington in strict symmetry, following a rather popular model of the works of the Italian architect Palladio; it is even believed that they used the unrealized designs of the famous creator. The general appearance of the building is successfully complemented by a 24-meter obelisk located behind the house. The interior of the manor house can be attributed rather to the style of classicism. The strict lines are set off with antique elements borrowed from Italian architecture. On the walls you can see beautiful paintings by artists such as Luini, Vasari, Rubens, van Dijk, Lorrain, Reynolds and others. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Holkem Hall in the UK.Holkem Hall in the UK

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