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Kedleston Hall in the UK

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ImageKedleston Hall is one of the most famous buildings in Britain and is an example of Enlightenment classicism architecture. Kedleston Hall is located in the county of Derbyshire. It was built as a manor belonging to the Curzon family. This building was in their possession until recently, when the historical monument was transferred to the management of the National Trust for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage. However, the memory of one of the most famous representatives of this kind, diplomat George Curzon is kept here to this day. The main construction of the palace took place in 1759-1765, after which the interior decoration continued in the 1770s. The building was designed by the architect James Payne, who was later joined by Robert Adam. Payne is credited with creating the main facade of the building, Adam took over the facade overlooking the park, the design of the park itself, as well as the interior. The idea was to build the house with four arched wings. As a result, the two side wings were not built, which made it possible to preserve the nearby old Gothic chapel. At the inception of the idea of decorating the main facade, as well as the general composition, the creators of Kedleston Hall focused on the villas of the famous Italian architect Palladio, it is even believed that his unrealized ideas were used in the project. And many elements of the interior and park ensemble of the castle refer to Roman antiquity. For example, Adam created a semblance of the Roman Arch of Constantine, which was installed directly into the facade of Kedleston Hall. And the room called the Round Salon clearly repeats the forms of the Roman Pantheon. The interiors of the castle are characterized by wide scope and large dimensions. A real work of art is the grand living room, all in gilding, with a huge Venetian-style window and carved figures of sea monsters. The landscaped park, which covers an area of 820 acres, is home to many birds, hunting and fishing are allowed here. In the park, you can go boating and have a picnic. The harmony and uniqueness of the architectural style of Kedleston Hall impresses almost everyone who sees it. It is not surprising that there are a number of imitations of him in other countries. Thus, the palace in the famous suburb of St. Petersburg Pavlovsk clearly repeats the shape of Kedleston Hall. The residence of the viceroys in India and some public places in the British colonies were also built on this model.

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Topic: Kedleston Hall in the UK.Kedleston Hall in the UK

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