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ImageKnowle House, which includes a castle and park, located in an area near Sevenox in the western part of the English county of Kent, has seen many events and many different noble owners during its existence. Unlike most of the mansions in England, which, due to fires, destruction and time, changed their appearance, rebuilt and restored, Knowle House has practically not changed its external and internal appearance to this day. Restorations, of course, were carried out, but in the course of them even many pieces of furniture were left unchanged. Therefore, the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns here. The palace was built by order of Archbishop Thomas Bourchier. The construction took more than 20 years: from 1456 to 1485. Knowle House became the residence of other Canterbury archbishops, including the late John Morton. Perhaps the most famous owner of the castle was King Henry VIII himself, who received the estate, taking it from one of the leaders of the Reformation, Thomas Cranmer. In 1566, Thomas Sackville, a cousin of the notorious Anne Boleyn, became the owner of the Dorset Earl and Ducal Dynasty, which then ruled Knowle House for the 16th and 19th centuries. A representative of this dynasty was Vita Sackville West, a writer who gained fame, however, not so much for her works as for her love affair with Virginia Woolf. The latter described the estate in some detail in her novel Orlando. The Sackville West dynasty was constantly expanding and improving their estate, but the original architecture of the Tudor era was still preserved. As it should be in a house of harmonious Renaissance architecture, the number of rooms and stairs in the castle is symbolic. 365 rooms correspond to the number of days in a year, and 52 stairs to the number of weeks. The castle also has 7 courtyards according to the number of days in a week. On the walls of Knowle House, you can see paintings by Van Dyck, Lely, Kneller, Reynolds and Gainsborough. In Knowle House, the legendary British band The Beatles filmed two of their videos. In the garden of the castle, too, nothing has changed for many years, except that hurricanes pulled out some of the ancient trees. Here you can meet very trusting, almost tame deer. ImageImageImageImage

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