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Hofbraukeller in Munich, resort of Munich

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Hofbraukeller – large brasserie with a beer garden on Vienna Square in Munich. Occupies the ground floor and basement of an ancient neo-Renaissance building. The brewery restaurant was opened in August 1896. Beer was brewed here until 1987, when there was a major fire. In 1988, the building was renovated, the restaurant was reopened, and the brewery was moved to the outskirts of Munich.
Hofbraukeller was founded in September 1589 by Wilhelm V the Pious, and initially only strong dark beer was brewed here. Maximilian I, son and heir of William V, preferred soft light wheat beer In 1602 Maximilian forbade all private breweries to brew such beer, ensuring the monopoly of his court brewery Hofbraukeller.
In 1607 it was decided to build a new brewery in Munich – Hofbrauhaus, where by the decree of King Ludwig I in 1828 a beer hall was opened for everyone.
There are several halls in the Hofbraukeller brasserie: the ceremonial hall, the small hall, Maximilian's room, the theater basement. All of them can accommodate about two thousand people.


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Topic: Hofbraukeller in Munich, resort of Munich.Hofbraukeller in Munich, resort of Munich

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