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Reichstag in Germany, Berlin resort

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Reichstag – the famous historical building in the very center of Berlin, the `` building of the State Assembly '', where the Reichstag state body of the same name sat (1894 - 1933), and since 1999 - – Bundestag.

The building was built in the style of the Italian High Renaissance by the project of Paul Vallot. The foundation stone of the building was laid by Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1884. Construction was completed ten years later. In February 1933, the Reichstag building burned down. Of course, the communists were accused of arson. For the Nazis, this incident was a pretext for obtaining emergency powers to deal with political opponents. At the same time, the Reichstag lost its political significance and its sessions were held at the Krol-Opera. Since 1942, they have completely stopped. But propaganda meetings took place here quite often. Since 1939, the building has been used for military purposes.

In the battle for Berlin, Soviet soldiers stormed the Reichstag. On April 30, the banner of the victory of the Soviet army was raised on the Reichstag, and the soldiers left numerous inscriptions on the walls, both outside and inside the building, some of which survived even after restoration work. The Bundestag raised the issue of removing the inscriptions several times, but most of those discussing voted against this proposal.

Most of the surviving inscriptions are on the inner walls of the building. You can get there only with a guide. On the inside of the left pediment, among other things, there are traces of bullets.

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Topic: Reichstag in Germany, Berlin resort.Reichstag in Germany, Berlin resort

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