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Adelphi Theater UK, London Resort

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The Adelphi Theater is one of the most popular sights of the British capital, located in the historic center cities. Since 1987, the theater has been included in the list of historical monuments.

The Adelphi Theater was opened by entrepreneur John Scott in 1806 and was called"San Parey". Jane Scott, daughter of an entrepreneur, helped father, carrying out many duties. They soon assembled a theater company and already in 1809 the first performances took place. Scripts for all performances created by Jane Scott, who has written over 50 works. In 1819 she leaves the theater, in connection with which it is closed for some time. Soon theater opens its doors under a new name - Adelphi Theater. This name was given by the name of the architectural ensemble that stood opposite the theater. Soon Adelphi has become famous as a comic theater, where French and British operettas.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the theater was closed for renovations, after which was opened under a new name - the Theater of the Century. However, this name is not stuck, already in 1904 the beloved name of Adelphi was returned. IN In 1909, the theater was rented for six months by A. Conan   Doyle, who staged his play Temperley House. The play, however, was unsuccessful, writer to compensate losses, in the shortest possible time rewrote the story"The Motley Ribbon" as a play. This the play was a great success, having entered the theater repertoire for a long time.

In 1930, the next restoration of the theater was carried out, after which it was threatened with demolition due to a complete reconstruction the whole area. However, the public defended the theater's right to life. In 1993 the Adelphi Theater becomes the property of the famous composer E.L. Webber. He carried out a global restoration of the building. Since that time, the theater has staged such sensational and famous productions as the musicals"Chicago","The Ghost opera"," Love Does Not Die"(continuation of" The Phantom of the Opera")," Cats", loved by the public.

E. L. Webber owns 50% of the shares of the Adelphi Theater, the rest - to the theater staff. Today the theater hall can accommodate 1,500 people, including, there are places equipped for people with disabilities.

Adelphi today is one of the most famous theaters and sights of London, attracting a large number of spectators daily. For such a large influx of visitors, numerous hotels. In addition to wonderful performances and amazing architecture visitors are attracted by an interesting legend about the ghost of actor William Terris, stabbed to death on the steps of Adelphi in 1897 by another, less talented, by actor Richard Prince.

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