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Luostarinmaki Crafts Museum in Finland, Turku resort

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Luostarinmaki Crafts Museum is an open-air museum located in the very center of Turku, by the Vartiovuori hill. The unofficial name of the museum is “Monastic Hill”.

The museum includes 18 blocks, where more than thirty original wooden houses are located in their original places. Traditional craft and living spaces are also featured here. The museum reflects building traditions, the use of wood and the everyday life of Finnish artisans in the 19th and 20th centuries. The most interesting objects of the exposition are a sailor's house, a carpenter's house, a watchmaker's workshop, a tobacco manufacturer's house. There is a post office and a small shop where you can buy Finnish handicrafts and old sweets. In addition to the dwellings of the 19th century, there are houses of people who lived on the territory of the museum in the 1960s, and a woman's apartment, who died in the 1980s, the last resident of the museum space.

The first houses in Luostarinmaki were built outside the city in the 18th century as a residential area for the poor, middle class and artisans. In 1827, a fire raged in Turku, which the remote Luostarinmaki region escaped. The Vartiovuori Hill at that time was a rock and due to this, the roofs of houses were protected from falling sparks. The surviving buildings were supposed to be dismantled, but there was an idea to preserve the area and establish a museum of artisans, which was opened in June 1940. In 1943, the Museum of the Luostarinmaki Quarter organized Crafts Days, extended over time to the international Crafts Week Festival, which is traditionally held every summer in August.
the last inhabitant of the museum space.

The modern craft museum Luostarinmaki is world-famous, in particular, due to the fact that all buildings are authentic and are in their original places. Nowhere else in such museums in the world is there such integrity and authenticity. In 1984, the museum was awarded the Golden Apple international tourism prize. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Topic: Luostarinmaki Crafts Museum in Finland, Turku resort.Luostarinmaki Crafts Museum in Finland, Turku resort

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