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Tavastia Rock Club in Finland

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Rock club Tavastia is a legendary rock club in Helsinki, existing since 1970. The club is not very large, but it has acquired the title of one of the most famous and leading clubs in Europe. The club is located in Kamppi area, Helsinki. Tavastia can accommodate 700 people within its walls.

On a small stage of the rock club such famous artists and bands like Tom Waits, AC / DC, Black Sabbath, Nightwish, HIM and others. Today, the official presentations of the new albums of Finnish rock performers, concerts of rock bands from Denmark, Sweden are held almost daily, USA and other countries. Annually on New Years Eve at the Tavastia Rock Club traditionally the most famous Finnish band HIM performs. The club scene takes performers of rock and roll, blues, punk rock, heavy metal and other genres. AND the same motley audience comes here: they are businessmen, media people, and students.

In the mid-90s. in the basement of the rock club was still open one scene, smaller. Today it is the Semifinal club. It was attended by beginners groups. It is noteworthy that the HIM group performed for the first time in this cellar, one of the members of which then promised the club manager that someday they will be sold out on the upper stage. This soon happened. Now at Semifinal every day aspiring young bands play and underground concerts are held.
IN There are three bars in the Tavastia Rock Club, and you can have a snack here. Club entrance limited by the age limit - those who are under 18 are not allowed here years old. All girls at the entrance to the club must check their passports or otherwise identification. ImageImageImageImage

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