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Istanbul Beaches: Uzunya Beach Club

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Uzunya Beach Club is another Istanbul beach club, this time named after the eponymous district of the city. Like any beach in Turkey, it has its own characteristics. The first and most important feature of Uzunya Beach Club, which makes it similar to many other beach clubs in Istanbul, is its paid entrance. Prices here are significantly lower than in a number of other similar clubs, but the fact of payment remains.

Another distinctive feature of this beach is the area for camping and picnics - for Istanbul it is a real rarity, therefore, many Turks choose this beach as a place for family holidays, especially on weekends. Well-appointed wooden picnic tables are in a shaded area, while the beach itself, although not too large in area, is as open as possible to the sun's rays.

Image Uzunya Beach Club

Rent of sun loungers is not included in the admission price ticket, you will have to pay extra, but it's worth it - all beach equipment is in good condition, which makes the rest on the coast as comfortable as possible.

As for outdoor activities, then it is presented here quite well. Equipment rental points available on the beach allow you to surf, windsurf and water ski. In addition to water skiing, banana rides and diving are popular here, as elsewhere in Turkey. Scuba diving boats periodically leave the pier for the quiet areas of the bay.

Image Uzunya Beach Club
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