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Nightlife in Antalya

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Antalya and Kemer are famous for their rich nightlife from June to August. life. It is during these months that discos come to the seashore until the morning, there are bars and pubs that are popular with the local people population and tourists.

Kaleici is the historical part of Antalya, where you can listen live music. Music lovers of such genres as rock, hip-hop and techno can easily find venues where this music sounds. Here you can also enjoy folk music in an English pub, cafe or bar. Entertaining programs in nightclubs - music and dance shows, and in rock bars - modern hits and a sea of drinks.Image
Nightclub Inferno

There are a lot of pubs, rock bars and restaurants in Titreyengel and Kemer. Antalya also hosts the international film festival"Golden orange."During the festival, the city's nightlife becomes even more more varied.

Antalya is simply a real paradise for lovers nocturnal lifestyle. Here everyone can find something to their liking. Can just enjoy a cocktail sitting in the bar, or you can have a full blast one of the open-air dance clubs.

You can relax at night:

At Ally nightclub. One of the most popular clubs in Antalya. The club is open all night until the morning, but getting there is not so easy especially on Fridays and Saturdays. There are a lot of people interested, so at the entrance to the club there is a long queue, respectively, the club is filled with people. There is no dress code, but young people are always dressed stylishly.

Clup 29 - the most a large nightclub in Antalya, which can accommodate up to 2 thousand people. IN during the summer season, the club is very popular among young people. On the in fact, this is not just a club - there is everything for a great rest: a restaurant, bar and club. There is no dress code either, but it is better to come in shirts, and not in T-shirts.

Inferno - ultra-modern club in Kemer for today's youth. The most optimal visiting time - after 12 noon. At this time, there are many people here. If you arrive earlier, then the music here is rather boring, and there will be no interesting. No dress code. Typically, young people hang out in everyday clothes.

Aura Nightclub in Kemer. It can be safely called a nightclub for Russians, because here domestic show business stars often perform. In the club you can hear pop music and house. There is an open dance floor.


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Topic: Nightlife in Antalya.Nightlife in Antalya

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