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Finnish National Theater in Finland, Helsinki Resort

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Finnish National Theater is the oldest professional theater of Finland, located in the center of Helsinki. Theater, founded in 1872, is located in the building of 1902 on the station square. In front of the theater there is a monument to Alexis Kivi, the famous Finnish writer.

The Finnish National Theater was founded on the basis of Drama Theater, founded in 1872 by playwright Kaarlo Bergboom and by his sister Emilia in the city of Pori. In 1902 the theater moved to a separate building, built by the architect O. Tarjanne, on the station square.

The building of the central Finnish-speaking scene of the country was built from granite in Jugendstil (national romantic) and looks like a majestic ornate castle with decorations such as turrets, columns, vaulted windows, side projections, triangular pediments, arches. The lobby is decorated frescoes by Y. Ollila and Y. Rissanen. In the national theater, four scenes: large, small, Villensown and Omapohja stage located in lane Itainen Teatterikuya. In 1962, restoration works were carried out works of the internal premises of the theater under the direction of K. Siren and H. Siren. Small the scene was made according to their own project in 1954. Before entering this scene there is"Curtain" - a monument dedicated to Ida Aalberg.

The Finnish National Theater was created by a philologist, critic and playwright K. Bergboom. He is also considered the founder of the national theater schools. It was Bergboom who discovered the playwrights and actors who glorified the country. IN in particular, this is Ida Aalberg - the best tragic and character actress of the frontier XIX-XX centuries. from Scandinavia; Adolf Lindfors is the best performer of Moliere repertoire; Axel Achelberg is a great character actor.

Finnish works staged at the National Theater playwrights, in particular,"Matchmakers" Korhonen,"Rural shoemakers"," Lea"," Engagement"," Seven brothers"A. Kiwi," Errors"Tavastierna, today have become classic. Also staged on this stage Western European classics and modern plays (these are the works of Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderon, Schiller, Goethe, Ibsen, Strindberg, Hauptmann). A significant place is occupied by experimental staging. Since 1917, the theater began showing plays by A.P. Chekhov. Generally, in the repertoire of the Finnish National Theater has always had many plays by Russians authors: Gogol, Ostrovsky, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Gorky, Tolstoy, Uspensky. Russian directors cooperate with the theater: G.A. Tovstonogov, V. Fokin, A. Efros, G. Kozlov. The Finnish theater also has long-standing connections with major European theaters, constantly exchanging with them creative delegations and tours.

Today, the Finnish National Theater is the main drama theater in the country. All performances are exclusively in Finnish language.

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