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Old brewery in Finland, Kotka spa

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Old Brewery - a brewery in Kotka, built in 1894 by the architect Alvin Jacobi. The brewery was opened in August 1895 and the Ukko beer produced here quickly became very popular. By 1912, the plant had become the fifth largest of all factories in Finland.

In 1920, the British company Newsk, which produces candles, soap and perfumes, bought a controlling stake in the brewery. Then beer production was suspended. Soon the Vyborg company Havin oy bought out the brewery and production was resumed. Beer from ready-made malt was produced until 1927, when the shares were bought by the Kyminlaakso society, which transferred its soft drinks company to the plant. The plant also houses a carpentry and sausage factories.

In 1952, the brewery was modernized. The brewery was soon resold again, this time to Mallasjuoma oy, which stopped brewing. This led to the fact that a wide variety of small enterprises began to operate in the factory building: from a car repair shop to a laundry.

In 1990, the brewery was bought out by the city authorities of Kotka, but specific plans for the use of the building, which were located in a deplorable state, was not. The building, however, was of historical value and was located on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland near the city center, so the provincial government, Kotka municipality and the museum department entered into an agreement confirming the historical, architectural and landscape value of the brewery. and assigning it the status of a state-protected object.

Today the old brewery in Kotka is one of the oldest buildings in the city and one of the most interesting sights. The old building is quite beautiful, in addition, it organically fits into the landscape and natural context of the Gulf of Finland. Various celebrations and celebrations are often held on its territory, in particular, weddings.

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Topic: Old brewery in Finland, Kotka spa.Old brewery in Finland, Kotka spa

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