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Rice terraces in Indonesia, Bali resort

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Bali's rice terraces are a sight that needs no introduction. In the minds of tourists, the subak rice fields are connected to Indonesia as closely as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Rice is the staple food of the Indonesians, and the method of its cultivation is an economic, political and philosophical system that has developed over the centuries, and rice grains were originally considered the best sacrifice to the gods of the Balinese pantheon. The most famous and open for visiting rice fields are in Tegallang, in a gorge, on the slopes of which there are terraces with small reservoirs, connected by a complex system of canals called subak. The Tegallang Gorge is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet: every year a huge number of tourists come here, attracted by the exotic landscape.

The rice fields of Tegallang are now both a large agricultural object and a tourist attraction. Terraces are equipped with special paths, and on the slopes there are often small gazebos-cafes. You can go to Tegallang either as part of an excursion or as a"savage", but in the latter case, be prepared for unforeseen expenses. Enterprising Balinese are big fans of small bribes, for example, for simply climbing a hill, waiting for rain under the roof of a gazebo, or taking a photo.

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Topic: Rice terraces in Indonesia, Bali resort.Rice terraces in Indonesia, Bali resort

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