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Food prices in India

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Indian food

Rates for food in a cafe

& middot;   A lunch for two of their chicken, seafood or lamb with a side dish and a cheesecake chiznan will cost 177 rubles or 300 INR.

& middot;   A lunch of rice with curry, salad, Indian roti bread and a refreshing lassi drink will cost 112 rubles or 190 INR.

& middot;   Rice, flatbread, vegetables and lassi will also cost 112 rubles or 190 INR.

& middot;   stuffed pancakes - masala dosa, mashed potatoes with onions and cheese, rice and pineapple lassi will cost 77 rubles or 130 INR.

& middot;   For tea with milk and spices - masala-chai you will pay 3 rubles or 5.00 INR.

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Topic: Food prices in India.Food prices in India

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