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Taman Ayun Temple in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Temple Taman Ayun, which means"blooming garden", is located in Bali, near the village of Mengvi. The temple was built in the first half of the 17th century and is fully consistent with its name: on all four sides Taman Ayun is surrounded by beautiful gardens. You can get to the temple only by crossing a bridge over a deep moat filled with water. This gate is one of the symbols of Bali, often depicted on postcards and calendars. Only the outer part of Taman Ayun is open for tourists, on the territory of which there are many shops and shops selling paintings and souvenirs. Many buildings are of historical importance, however, you are allowed to enter them, and you can take pictures of anything you want. A local attraction is the nine-stream fountain located in the heart of the Taman Ayun outer courtyard. Four streams symbolize the four cardinal directions, four more - intermediate directions, the ninth stream is the central one. In addition, nine streams are associated with the nine main gods of the Balinese pantheon. There is a legend that the fountain can fulfill any desire of the person asking, if the latter is pious enough and pure in thought.

The external courtyard of Taman Ayun is followed by an internal one, access to which is allowed only for clergy and believers on certain days under the name"odalan". The courtyard contains all the main temple buildings, where services are held.

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Topic: Taman Ayun Temple in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Taman Ayun Temple in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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