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Ephraim Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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Ephraim's Palace – rococo palace in Mitte, Berlin. It is considered the most beautiful historical building in the city. Today, Ephraim Palace is under state protection and is a museum.

The palace is named after   the Prussian Jew Weitel Heine Ephraim, who was close to the Prussian king Frederick II. Ephraim was a merchant and banker and gave Friedrich loans when he was still crown prince.

Long before the palace was erected, the oldest Berlin pharmacy was located here. The construction of the palace was entrusted to Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterich, who by that time had managed to establish himself, having designed, in particular, the Princess Palace and the Bethlehem Church. The building was erected in seven years (from 1762 to 1769. ) and is decorated with a gilded filigree lattice. The main portal of the building rests on double Tuscan columns. Above – a balustrade decorated with ancient vases.

Ephraim himself lived in the palace. He also rented out some premises. In the 19th century, police officers lived here in official apartments, and a registration desk was located. At the end of the century, the building was supplemented by the project of the architect Hermann Blankenstein. However, in 1936, due to the construction of a new bridge, the palace was demolished. The area where Ephraim's palace used to stand was used to drive up the temporary bridge. Some elements of the palace were taken to the western part of the city and therefore survived during the Second World War.

The plan to restore the palace as a Jewish Museum was never implemented, because part of the documents on the restoration project was in the eastern part of Berlin.

However, when work began on the restoration of the Nikolaiviertel, timed to coincide with the 750th anniversary of Berlin in the GDR, the West Berlin government decided to transfer surviving fragments of a palace in East Berlin. Ephraim's Palace was rebuilt under the direction of Franz Klinger by 1987. The architect tried to give the palace, located, moreover, 12 meters from the place where the demolished palace stood, an original look.
The palace, which became a branch of the Brandenburg Museum, was inaugurated in May 1987. The three-story building houses changing exhibitions about the history of culture and art in Berlin. There is also a collection of graphics from the city museum.

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Topic: Ephraim Palace in Austria, Berlin resort.Ephraim Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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