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St Peter's Church in Leeds Resort UK

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ImageSt. Peter's Church is an old parish, the main Anglican church in Leeds. The first Christian church on this site was built in the 7th century. After the fires of the XIV and XIX centuries, the church was overhauled. The church before us today was consecrated in 1841. At that time, it was the largest newly built church in England. The church was built of cut stone in a transitional style from decorated Gothic to perpendicular Gothic. The church has a cruciform shape. In the center of the northern aisle of the church there is a 40-meter tower. Under it is the main entrance to the temple. The tower is four-tier, tiers of different heights. It is decorated with buttresses, turning into small towers with spiers, decorated with foliage ornaments. Also, the tower is notable for its clock and stained glass windows. The bell tower has 13 bells. The church has a wonderful organ; it can be heard every Friday except for the two weeks of Christmas and August. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: St Peter's Church in Leeds Resort UK.St Peter's Church in Leeds Resort UK

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