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Ardigley St Peter's Church in Great Britain

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ImageSt. Peter's Church is located in a small British village called Ardigley in Sussex and is its parish church. Officially, the building of the church has existed since the XIV century, but there is information that it stood on this place much earlier. The settlement itself, where the church is located, was founded in the time of the Saxons, and it was built by the Normans back in the XI century. At the same time, there are suggestions that a simple wooden church existed here under the Saxons. The Norman church stood until the XIV century, and little is known about it. The village, which had grown rich in the wool trade, was able to afford to build a new church on the site of the old one, of which almost no trace remained. Only in the 19th century was the capital of the column found, which apparently belonged to the Norman church. It is also possible that separate stone blocks of the southern wall belonged to it. The construction of the new church took place around 1330-1350. The then fashionable Gothic was chosen as the architectural style. Later, in the 15th century, a 15-meter high stone tower was added to the church, on which domes were installed three centuries later. There was no spire on the tower, since, perhaps, the church, among others, performed defensive functions. The wooden staircase leading to the tower has survived to our times. St. Peter's Church underwent some changes during the Victorian era, when there was a wave of restoration of old churches. So, the benches were replaced, the pulpit and gallery were renewed, and the altar was moved to the tower. Since 1853, the church has acquired its own organ. Not far from it there is a very old cemetery, where you can see a large number of unusual tombstones.

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Topic: Ardigley St Peter's Church in Great Britain.Ardigley St Peter's Church in Great Britain

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