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St Anne's Cathedral, UK, Leeds Resort

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ImageSt. Anne's Cathedral is the main Catholic church in the British city of Leeds. It houses the See of the Bishop of Leeds. It is also a parish church. The cathedral is the only cathedral in Leeds, as there is no Anglican cathedral in the city. St Anne's Church in Leeds was built in 1838. In 1878 it received the status of a cathedral. In 1899, the cathedral was demolished according to a plan to expand the adjacent street. The representatives of the church were offered a different place. The modern building of the cathedral was built in 1904 by the local architect John Henry of Eastwood. In 2006, large-scale restoration work was carried out, during which a unique organ was restored. Also, after restoration, the relics of the blessed Fr. Peter Snow and Ralph Grimston. The building of the cathedral was created in the neo-gothic style from stone and limestone. The dimensions of the cathedral are insignificant. The front side of the church has large buttresses, between which there is a high pediment. The buttresses are crowned with Gothic style turrets. The western wall is adorned with a large, lavishly decorated sculptural cross. In the northwest corner of the church there is a small tower on which the Vatican flag is installed. In the main hall of St. Anne's Cathedral there are two rows of stone columns, between which are benches facing the altar. Today, St. Anne's Cathedral is a protected architectural monument and delights tourists and art lovers with its austere forms. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: St Anne's Cathedral, UK, Leeds Resort.St Anne's Cathedral, UK, Leeds Resort

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