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Kirkstol Abbey in the UK, Leeds resort

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ImageKirkstol Abbey is the ruins of a medieval Cistercian monastery in Leeds. The abbey was founded in 1152 and closed by 1539. Today the ruins of the monastery are located in a public park. The main church of the abbey was built in the Cistercian style. It includes three transepts with three chapels facing east and separated by thick walls. The chapels are very modestly decorated, the windows are not ornamented. Instead, a covered gallery stretches along the entire length of the nave. There are two chapter buildings not far from the church. Between them and the south transept of the temple is the sacristy. Workshops are located behind the complex of these buildings. To the south transept of the church descend the steps of the monastic hostel, which stands a little apart. On the south side of the monastery courtyard are the ruins of an old refectory, kitchen, laundry and bakery. There is also a new refectory and the abbot's house. There was also a mill in the abbey. A small underground tunnel ran along the river from the abbey, leading to a manor house in the neighboring village of Horsforth. Kirkstol Abbey, like many monasteries, was closed under Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the monasteries. After that, active construction was carried out in the vicinity, for which a stone was taken from the walls of the abbey. By the 18th century, the buildings turned into picturesque ruins, attracting numerous romantic artists. In 1889, the abbey was bought by Colonel John North, who donated it to Leeds. In 1895, it was restored and opened to the public. Today Kirkstol Abbey is very popular with tourists. The Abbey Museum now works in the gate tower. Every year the famous Lida Shakespeare Festival and other events are held within the walls of the monastery. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Kirkstol Abbey in the UK, Leeds resort.Kirkstol Abbey in the UK, Leeds resort

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