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Cresswell Crags UK

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ImageThe name Creswell Crags is a canyon of limestone origin, which is located on the border of the British counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, near the villages of Creswell, Whitwell and Elmton. The canyon is of great historical value due to the fact that in the caves of its rocky cliffs traces of the presence of a person were discovered, the age of which reaches 43 thousand years. Creswell-Crags, according to the findings of archaeologists, even in the last ice age. Here, silicon tools were found, which are characteristic of the Mousterian, Proto-Solutrean, Cresvelian and Maglemose archaeological cultures. The first archaeologist to actively excavate and publish the first work on his research was William Boyd Dawkins. Apparently, during the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic, the caves housed seasonal dwellings of hunter-nomads and gatherers. Traces of people and cultural layers of the Bronze Age, the times of the Roman conquests and even the post-Middle Ages were found in these parts. Among other things, at the end of the 19th century, bone products with engraved drawings, as well as the bone of the remains of ancient animals, were found in Creswell Craigs. Today, excursions are actively organized to the caves; a special center has been created to register and receive visitors. A real surprise was the discovery already in 2003 on the ceiling and walls of caves in the canyon of engravings and bas-reliefs with animals and mythical birds, clearly created by human hands. This find refuted the opinion that there was no cave art on the territory of what is now England. The images in the Creswell Crags caves remain the northernmost examples of European ancient cave painting today.

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