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Enniskillen Castle in Great Britain, Northern Ireland resort

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ImageEnniskillen Castle belongs to the Northern Ireland castles that have survived almost in their original form. The castle is located in County Fermanagh, on the border with Ireland, and is the main sightseeing attraction in this region. Despite its rather rich history, Enniskillen Castle does not have an exact date of its foundation - all ancient documents were destroyed during numerous hostilities in the county. Nevertheless, it is officially accepted that the castle was founded at the very beginning of the 15th century by the Scottish clan of the Maguires. The construction of the castle provided protection for the entire county from attacks by hostile neighbors, and for this purpose the strong walls and high observation towers did an excellent job. In the 16th century, the territory of the castle became the epicenter of political intrigue, which resulted in the so-called Nine Years War, when the confrontation between Elizabeth I and the Spanish crown reached its climax in Ireland, which was used by Spain as a military base. Since then, the strategic importance of the castle has increased, and it was rebuilt several times, expanding the arsenal and the number of barracks for the military personnel. Starting from the 17th century, the castle completely belonged to the British crown, and it was already used against numerous clashes with the French, the stables and barracks built during that period can be seen today. Now Enniskillen Castle is a huge museum complex dedicated to the centuries-old history of County Fermanagh. Among several dozen exhibition halls, you can see exhibitions devoted to both the military affairs of Ireland, starting from the 15th century, and the private life of people who lived in the castle and its environs. In addition to weapons, uniforms and armor, here you can see household items, furniture, clothes and much more. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Enniskillen Castle in Great Britain, Northern Ireland resort.Enniskillen Castle in Great Britain, Northern Ireland resort

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