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Colored Canyon in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula Resort

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Colored Canyon is a gorge located in the Sinai Mountains on the Et-Tih plateau. It is located near Sharm el-Sheikh, not far from Saudi Arabia.

The length of the canyon – 5 kilometers, height – about 30 meters, width varies from 2 to 10 meters.

The canyon was formed by an earthquake that occurred millions of years ago. Due to the fact that the canyon consists of folded red sandstone, the wind has carved patterns in its walls all these years. Their shape is such that it seems that these patterns are the work of human hands.

In spite of everything, all these stone sculptures of elephant legs, human heads and other forms are made only by nature, without any participation of people.

The Colored Canyon is a real masterpiece of nature. Its walls are painted in a wide variety of colors: purple, red, burgundy, orange, green, pink, yellow, white, blue and others. This color of rocks is associated with the presence of   they contain oxidized manganese and iron.

Many stories and legends are associated with the Colored Canyon. Many of them are associated with Cleopatra – there is even a 'chair' and 'traces' this Egyptian queen.

One of the most interesting facts   about the canyon is that it has a kind of 'eyes'.   Looking closely, you can really see the symmetrical eye cuts with bluish-green pupils.

You can get to the canyon by jeeps from Nuweiba or Sharm el-Sheikh.  

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Topic: Colored Canyon in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula Resort.Colored Canyon in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula Resort

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