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Paul Loebe House in Austria, Berlin resort

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House of Paul Loebe – an auxiliary building of the German parliament, bearing the name of one of the presidents of the Reichstag, Paul Loebe. It is located in the government quarter of Berlin.

In 1992, a competition for the projects of the Bundestag building was held in Berlin. The victory was won by the architects Charlotte Frank and Axel Schultes with the concept of the Federal Ribbon. In addition to Paul Loebe's house, the concept included the building of the Federal Chancellor's Office, the Berlin metro station Bundestag, the house of Maria-Elisabeth Luders, and the yet-to-be-built Bundesforum. The competition for the project was won by the Munich-based architect Stefan Braunfels.

Paul Loebe's house is connected to the neighboring Maria-Elisabeth house by a bridge. Architecturally, these two buildings are one. The Paul Lobe House, with 1,700 different rooms, opened in 2001. The useful area of this building reaches 61 thousand square meters. there are 550 offices with 275 members of the Bundestag, 19 meeting rooms, about 450 offices of secretariats and various committees, a restaurant for employees, parliamentarians and visitors. The building is necessary to accommodate the functional divisions of the German parliament, which need to be close to the Reichstag to ensure the effectiveness of the parliament.


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Topic: Paul Loebe House in Austria, Berlin resort.Paul Loebe House in Austria, Berlin resort

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