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Cruiser”Belfast” in the UK, resort London

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Cruiser"Belfast" - one of the most unusual museums Second world war, witness and direct participant in hostilities. Vessel anchored in the middle of the Thames, opposite the City of London, not far from Tower Bridge is already 35 years old.

The ship was fully equipped and placed under command George VI in August 1939, a month before the start of the war. From the first crew cruisers to this day three veterans are alive. They keep in touch with ship, and one of them, despite his age, comes to Belfast weekly, becoming the center of the exhibition, telling visitors about the ship and the war.

After the war, the cruiser was repaired and in 1942 entered the disposal of Admiral Burnett, who was involved in escorting and protection of goods supplied to the USSR by the northern sea route. Help carried out within the framework of Lend-Lease, including the necessary goods, military technique. During the war years 78 were sent to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk convoys, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. During this time, the Red Army received from the allies thousands of tanks, aircraft, hundreds of ships, hundreds of thousands cars, thousands of army motorcycles, millions of tons of aviation gasoline and half a billion artillery shells, hundreds of radio stations, receivers, locators and other necessary devices.

The fascist army appreciated the importance of convoys and supplies of dignity, constantly trying to intercept them. Therefore, the passage of ships along German-occupied Norway was often accompanied by intense battles.

Belfast played a big role in   in the battle of the North Cape, in which he was sunk German battleship Scharnhorst. He managed to detect the impending threat warn ships with cargo and buy time to prepare for battle. Soon the cruiser was redirected south to participate in the Allied landing operation in Normandy "Neptune". In the USSR, this operation became known as the opening of the second front. FROM in the summer of 1944, the cruiser covered the British landing, leading artillery fire along the coastal fortifications of the Nazis. After the opening of the second front"Belfast" moved to the shores of Australia to take part in Operation Downfall. After that, the cruiser took part in the Korean War, crossed the Pacific Ocean. In 1978 year, the cruiser dropped anchor at Tower Bridge, becoming part of the Imperial military museum.

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Topic: Cruiser”Belfast” in the UK, resort London.Cruiser”Belfast” in the UK, resort London

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