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Rosenburg Castle in Austria, Lower Austria resort

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Rosenburg Castle is located on the rocky coast of the Kamp River (left tributary of the Danube), in the Horn district. The Naturpark Kamptal nature reserve is located around the castle, which gives a special appeal to this architectural structure.

Not far from the castle you can see the Altenburg monastery, which is a magnificent baroque masterpiece.
Nowadays, the castle houses the Museum 'Fairy Tale World', where in 26 rooms collections of tableware, hunting weapons, furniture, dishes made of tin, glass, painting XVI – XVII century, as well as a unique collection of prehistoric finds collected by Baron Ferdinand von Engelshofen.

The castle also houses a huge library with tall bookcases containing more than 40 thousand volumes, dated to the XVI – XIX centuries.

Also, the castle often hosts concerts, exhibitions and interesting shows. Especially popular is the Show with Hunting Birds, which is regularly held on the territory of the castle. Also worth a visit is the no less interesting Knight's Tournament.

The construction of Rosenburg Castle dates back to the 12th century. Initially, this place was a citadel, which was surrounded by a courtyard. In the XII century, the castle served as a defensive fortification. The castle got its name in honor of its first owner Paul Rosenberg. The Rosenberg family controlled the fate of the castle until the beginning of the 14th century.

In 1433 the castle was seized by the Hussite commander Prokop Maliy. During that period, the Hussites barbarously devastated the castle.

In 1476 the castle was bought by Kaspar von Rogendorff. Then the restoration work of the castle began. Soon, Kaspar sold Rosenburg to the Grabner brothers, who also continued to restore and strengthen the castle. Subsequently, the castle was turned into a fortified residence, executed in the Renaissance style.

According to historical documents dating from 1527-1532, the castle at that time belonged to the Spanish aristocracy of the knightly order.

In 1611, Cardinal Franz von Dietrichstein became the owner of the castle, which turns the chapel of the castle into a catholic church. Soon the Thirty Years' War began, during which the castle was captured by Baron von Hofkirchen, the leader of the Protestants. As a result, Rosenburg's retinue and garrison were destroyed.

In the second half of the 17th century, the Hoyos family took possession of the castle. At the same time, restoration work was carried out in the castle until the end of the 17th century.


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Topic: Rosenburg Castle in Austria, Lower Austria resort.Rosenburg Castle in Austria, Lower Austria resort

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