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Turku Art Museum in Finland, Turku resort

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Turku Art Museum is one of the largest museums in Finland. An extensive collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures by Finnish and foreign masters is located in Turku, on the Puolalanmaki hill.

The building of the museum was built by the architect Carl Gustav Nystrom in the style of national romanticism. The core of the art collection Museum was founded by the Turku Art Society, organized by Gustav Signeus in 1891.

Artistic canvases were collected and transferred to the city of Turku in the spring of 1904. Soon there was a grand opening of the exhibition in a new museum building. The list of exhibits included 479 works by 137 authors, selected by Eero Jarnefelt and Albert Edelfelt. In a few weeks a new the gallery was visited by more than eight thousand guests.

Thanks to the appearance of a new museum building, exhibition activities of the Turku Art Society: here in 1904-1914. there were many exhibitions, in which almost all famous artists of the country. In 1909, there was also an exhibition of Danish art, and in 1912 - an exhibition of the collection of works by Karl Larsson. In 1909 here works by Edvard Munch were exhibited, the museum acquired a lithograph of his self-portrait. Since 1912, electric lighting has been installed in the art museum, paid for by the Dahlstrom brothers of art. Thanks to them, the museum's collection replenished with a significant collection of paintings.

The Turku Art Gallery hosts an art a school that occupied a quarter of the building's first floor. Over time the collection of the museum grew, so soon there was an acute shortage of exhibition space. Some of the permanent exhibitions were replaced by temporary ones. In this regard, in 1933, the art school left the museum building.

In 1970, the collection of the art museum was replenished private collection of Niels Dahlstrom, in particular, the canvases of A. Edelfelt, A. Gallen-Kallela and H. Schjerfbeck. In 1971, the museum displayed sculptures by J. Mantunen.

The first major restoration of the museum under the direction of architect K. Sandelin was carried out in 1958-1965. Lobby and staircase, the wood panels and ornamental decorations remained unchanged. FROM 1981 The Turku Art Museum acquired regional status. By 2009 major renovations were completed. In the course of these works, and an underground storage facility was equipped, which solved the problem of lack of exhibition areas.

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Topic: Turku Art Museum in Finland, Turku resort.Turku Art Museum in Finland, Turku resort

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