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Turku Synagogue in Finland, Turku resort

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The Turku Synagogue is an iconic Jewish building in Turku. It is the second synagogue in the country after the Helsinki one.

Until 1858, Finland had a ban on living in the country of Jews who are not converted to Christianity. The ban was lifted for Jewish soldiers who finished their service and sailors who remained in Finland. After the death of Alexander II, in 1886, the previous order was canceled by the Senate Finland. Permission to live in the country,   certain categories of citizens was replaced by a temporary view of residence permitting to stay in the country for no more than six months. In 1888 Evictions of Jewish families from Turku began. Some families settled in Palestine, the other in the United States. By 1918, Finland, one of the last among states of Europe, provided the Jews living in it with full civil rights.

In Turku, the synagogue was built in 1912 in according to the project of A. Krook and J. E. Hindresson. Today the fruit of their labors is a brick two-story building with a drum resting on four pillars, and dome - included in the list of cultural and historical heritage of Finland.

Topic: Turku Synagogue in Finland, Turku resort.Turku Synagogue in Finland, Turku resort

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