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Gough Island in the UK

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ImageThe name Gough is a very small volcanic island with adjoining small islands located in the south of the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, which, in turn, belongs to the British overseas territory of Saint Helena. The rest of the islands of the archipelago are located some distance away, 350 kilometers away. The area of Gough Island is 68 km?, and its highest point rises 900 meters above sea level. The discoverer of the island of Gough is considered to be the English navigator Charles Gough. In 1731, his ship was near the island, and he gave a similar description, although he never set foot. The island has a very unfavorable climate: rather cold (on average + 11 ° C), very strong gusty winds, and frequent rains. The island is not inhabited by people, except for the workers of the South African meteorological station, which, with the permission of Britain, was located on the island. The harsh climate of the island does not interfere at all, but on the contrary contributes to the formation of nesting sites of numerous birds, there are more than 50 species of them on the island, many of which are carefully protected by the state, for example, curly pelican, giant petrel, albatross, etc. Here you can also find very rare representatives of birds. For example, the water chicken and oatmeal are endemic birds, that is, they live exclusively in a limited area. Due to the abundance of rare birds and plants, the island was included in the UNESCO list of natural world heritage sites. Entry to the island is strictly limited, as the authorities care about the preservation of the island's fauna and ecosystem. A case is already known when house mice were accidentally brought to the island, and today they have multiplied so much that they number 700,000 individuals and greatly harm the nests of rare birds.

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Topic: Gough Island in the UK.Gough Island in the UK

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