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Tirtaganga Palace in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Tirtaganga Water Palace is located in Indonesia, on the island Bali, near the village of Ababi, surrounded by rice fields and covered green hills. The water palace was built relatively recently, in 1945, local rajoy, but the source originating in Lake Banyan was revered locals as sacred and miraculous for at least 400 years. The desire to preserve the source and increase its glory led to the creation a magnificent palace, consisting of three levels, on the highest of which the Raja's palace itself is located, badly damaged by the eruption of the volcano Agung 1963 and reconstructed, while the other two are occupied by a park with many stone sculptures, fountains, small measure, baths and pools.

Once the water palace was accused of being too flashy and unjustified combination of traditions of Indonesian and Chinese architecture, however time has put everything in its place: the conspicuous luxury of sculptures covered with soft green moss, and the shining roofs of the pagodas faded. The only thing, what remained unchanged - cold and pure like a crystal of sacred water springs filling stone pools pouring from open mouths of demons and splashing under the arches of small bridges.

Tirtaganga is a place perfect for a calm rest alone with nature. This place is rarely crowded with tourists, the main visitors to the park are the Balinese themselves, who come here for the weekend with the whole family. When If you wish, you can stay in Tirtaganga for a few days by staying in one of guest bungalows located on the same level as the rajah's palace. By the territory of the park is scattered with many small shops, where you can purchase a souvenir or folk art item. Besides tourist significance Tirtaganga is also a religious site: each in the spring, traditional Balinese rituals are held here, most of which again related to water.

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Topic: Tirtaganga Palace in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Tirtaganga Palace in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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