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Bali Museum in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Bali Museum is located in the administrative center of the island - the city of Denpasar. The idea of creating a museum originated in 1910 from the Dutchman F.J. Croona - a representative of the local colonial administration who, having agreed with the few Balinese kings who still owned small pieces of land on the island, began to collect exhibits for the future museum, the building of which it was decided to build on the site of one of the destroyed colonists of palaces. Interestingly, this palace was razed to the ground in just four years before the construction of the museum under very tragic circumstances that included the story of Bali called Puputan, which translates as “the battle to the last drops of blood." Two hundred fifty survivors of a fierce battle people committed suicide, which horrified the colonists.

The building of the museum, the style of which combines the most striking features palace and temple architecture of Bali, was completed by 1925, still the collection of exhibits and the formation of collections lasted seven years, and each the artifact passed through the hands of a specially formed commission approving its authenticity and degree of value. The opening of the museum took place in 1932, then its main goal was formed - the preservation of traditional art and the craft of the island and the study of its history.
Bali Museum is now giving a complete view both the material and the spiritual culture of the inhabitants of the island. Most interesting collections that arouse the keen interest of tourists and scientists of all world is a collection of wooden sculptures introducing the visitor to the Hindu gods, characters of legends and legends, stories from the life of Balinese peasants, and a famous collection of paintings, including canvases by such famous artists like Nioman Tusan, Wayang Pudeh, Wayang Cambang and others. In the wing of the museum there is another interesting collection of exhibits - ritual costumes Balinese, as well as traditional hats and fabrics. Part of the museum area reserved for exhibitions of emerging artists: here you can purchase as favorite pictures and souvenirs for memory. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Bali Museum in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Bali Museum in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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