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Monkey Forest in Ubud, Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Sacred Monkey Forest, located in Ubud, Bali island is one of the most notable and visited attractions. Reserve, on the territory of which the famous forest is located, is located near the village of Padantegal and is inhabited long-tailed macaques, the number of which is approximately 600. tropical thickets usually remain in the memory of tourists for a long time. The fact is that the monkey forest is not an ordinary reserve: its full-fledged owners are tailed restless animals, and striving to pull off everything that lies badly.

I must say that The Ubud forest, although it is a sacred place for the indigenous people (in its territory there is a temple, which is forbidden to visit by tourists), but still has a fairly well-developed infrastructure focused primarily on visitors. So in front of the reserve there is a parking lot, a huge number of shops and souvenir shops sell bananas, nuts and other food, without which on the territory of the forest it is simply impossible to walk calmly. Be aware if do not stock up on"goodies" for the monkeys in advance, then there will be nothing from them "Buy off". In any case, do not try to hide anything edible in backpack or bag - supplies will certainly be found and eaten by one of the hordes insolent martins. In Indonesian mythology, the monkey often embodies as the most good and bad qualities, and in life with tailed beasts you must keep your ear eagerly. If, for example, a gape tourist allows an overly agile macaque steal a piece of jewelry or a cell phone from him, you will have to resort to the paid help of one of the caretakers who will try to exchange your valuables for bananas.

Ticket price, allowing monkeys to enter the forest does not exceed 15 thousand rupees, however, with the desire of the"outpost" of ushers can be easily avoided. In the Ubud forest if distract from the ubiquitous macaques, you can find a lot of interesting things, for example, bizarre mossy statues of local gods and animals.

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Topic: Monkey Forest in Ubud, Indonesia, Bali Resort.Monkey Forest in Ubud, Indonesia, Bali Resort

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