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Reptile Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The reptile park is located on the island of Bali, Indonesia, next to a bird park and has a similar structure: the living conditions of reptiles are thoroughly recreated in the reserve, animals are being studied and breeding. The most famous inhabitants of the reptile park can rightfully be called the Komodo monitor lizards - giant carnivorous lizards that are descendants of the most ancient dinosaurs, which, as it was believed earlier, are capable of living only on Komodo Island and nowhere else. Scientists working in the park have proven the opposite, which has gained international fame.

The reptile park is closed, and most of the animals are kept in glass enclosures, which prevents accidents. The fact is that iguanas, crocodiles, king cobras, mamba snakes, vipers and boas living in the park are extremely dangerous animals. not to mention the Komodo dragons. The latter smell blood for many kilometers, so if you have at least a small wound on your body, you will not be allowed into the reptile park.
In a very small reserve, tourists, as a rule, stay for a long time: such a variety of reptiles collected in one place is not at all easy to find. At the moment, 200 species of reptiles live in the reptile park, which are continuously studied by employees and scientists who come here from all over the world. Tourists can take a photo with some of the cute scaly creatures and even feed them. Rumor has it that local crocodiles are absolutely delighted with ducks (let's hope that these ducks are not taken from a nearby bird park). Visitors may also be interested in the ritual fights of crocodiles, which are regularly held in the park, of course, without much harm to the pets. There are several cafes and restaurants in the park, suitable for a light snack with traditional Indonesian dishes. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Reptile Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Reptile Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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