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Komodo National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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Komodo National Park is located in Indonesia, in the border region between the Eastern and Western Lesser Sunda Islands and includes three large islands (Komodo, Rinka, Padar) and 26 small islands with a total area of 1,733 km2. All islands are predominantly of volcanic origin and are distinguished by an extremely dry climate: for example, in the period from May to October, the average daily air temperature often reaches 40 ° C. The population of the largest of the islands - Komodo - is 2 thousand people: these are the descendants of the Boogie tribe, originally inhabited in Indonesia , and prisoners exiled to the islands to serve their sentences.

Komodo National Park is extremely popular with scuba divers, divers and other outdoor enthusiasts, but the Komodo dragons brought it worldwide fame. It all started in 1911 when a Dutch pilot named Van Stein made an emergency landing on the islands. Returning to his homeland, the pilot reported about amazing creatures - either land crocodiles or giant lizards, reaching a length of 5 meters and weighing about 150 kg."Dragons" from Komodo Island immediately became a scientific sensation, and travelers from all over the world flocked to Indonesia to look at strange animals.

Today, the mysterious Komodo dragons have been studied quite well, nevertheless, interest in them is not at all does not weaken. Giant lizards are very, very aggressive creatures and would probably give the locals a lot of trouble if it were not for the abundance of wildlife on the islands (the fact is that Komodo is a place where the mixture of the Pacific nature and the nature of the Indian Ocean has created an extraordinary species diversity). An adult monitor lizard is omnivorous and most often feeds on wild pigs, but does not disdain a cow or sheep that gape. There are cases when the Komodo dragon attacked a victim weighing 750 kg. The giant lizard has a long forked tongue and has an amazing sense of smell, exacerbated by famine.

Despite the study of the Komodo dragon, one fact still remains unclear, namely, how the ancestors of today's dragons reached the islands 2 million years ago ... It is clear that such a creature could not appear on a volcanic island, but the distance to the nearest mainland - Australia - is 500 miles. If the dragons somehow reached Komodo, then it is not clear what they ate. These and some other mysteries still excite the minds of scientists.

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Topic: Komodo National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Komodo National Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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