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Taro Elephant Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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The park is widely known both in Indonesia and beyond elephants are located in Bali, in the village of Taro, located 20 km from Ubud. The elephant park was once established by the famous Australian ecologist Nigel Mason as a kind of reserve for two dozen elephants, brought from Bali and Sumatra for protection. The park did not open for visiting long ago, but already managed to win the title of the best in the world. The territory of the park is about 4 hectares, surrounded by tropical forest, and corresponds to the maximum natural environment that is native to elephants.

The Elephant Park has its own small hotel for 35 rooms, the lobby of which is the only one in the whole of Southeast Asia a skeleton belonging to a mammoth, the age of which, according to scientists, about 15 thousand years. The main entertainment of visitors to the park is riding elephants through the surrounding jungle. On the backs of good-natured animals are fixed special wicker baskets, excluding accidents. However, for especially suspicious tourists are provided with insurance. In the park, you will learn everything about elephants, their habits and lifestyle, as well as you can personally feed the elephants or watch the morning bathing of the elephant family, which takes place daily employees. The local show is no less popular, the main the protagonists of which are, again, elephants: animals draw, dance, play basketball, solve math problems and even show magic tricks that always delight children and adults.

For a fee, some very exotic services. So, for example, you can go for a walk in the tropics directly from the balcony of your hotel room: the most unusual, and most importantly, peaceful and the calm taxi driver in the world with a pair of big gray ears and a trunk easily will take you around the park. Probably due to this kind of exotic romance Tarot has recently become a favorite destination for newlyweds who celebrate here their honeymoon or even a wedding. Curiously, shortly after several successful reunions of loving hearts in the park, local the inhabitants recalled the legend from which it clearly follows that the combined marriage in this place has many times more chances of a happy and long life than everyone else other spouses.
There are several shops in the park, selling handmade ivory jewelry and figurines, and other souvenirs that will help you preserve the memory of one of the most amazing places in Bali. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Taro Elephant Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort.Taro Elephant Park in Indonesia, Bali Resort

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