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Princess Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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Princess Palace – the former Hohenzollern palace located in Mitte, Berlin. The palace was created from two buildings erected in 1730, which were rebuilt under the leadership of Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterich in 1733. The palace stands perpendicular to the famous street Unter den Linden.

Margrave Hanrich Friedrich acquired the palace in 1755. In 1788 the palace became the property of the Hohenzollerns. According to the project of Heinrich Gentz in 1811, the front facade was built, overlooking Unter den Linden. Karl Friedrich Schinkel connected the palace with the Crown Prince's Palace with an arched gate. Then the daughter of King Frederick William III settled here and the palace was named the 'Palace of the Princesses'.

Members of the Prussian royal dynasty and officials lived in the palace until 1918. In 1931, the Karl Friedrich Schinkel Museum was opened here.

The palace, damaged during the Second World War, was restored by 1964, but during the restoration only the outer walls and the facade of the building were preserved. Today the palace houses the large gastronomic complex Opernpalais Unter den Linden.
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Topic: Princess Palace in Austria, Berlin resort.Princess Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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