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Ridgeway Road in the UK

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ImageRidgeway Road is one of the oldest roads in England. It has existed since the Neolithic times (presumably appears as early as 3000 BC). The road is 135 km long, it begins in western Overton Hill (Wiltshire) and ends in eastern Ivingo Beacon (Buckinghamshire). For a very long time, only on the Ridgeway Road could one of the final points be reached through forest thickets and swampy marshlands. Both the hills and the Chiltern hills lie in its path. For 5 thousand years of its existence, this road has seen many eras and many people. Therefore, hitting not her, it is difficult not to succumb to her special mysterious atmosphere. Its distinctive feature is that the road directly passes by many interesting historical sights of England of various periods: Neolithic, Bronze, Iron Age, etc. Following Ridgeway Road, you can see the Avebury megalith, the fortresses of Barbury Castle, Liddington Castle and Affington Castle. There is also the Neolithic Tomb of Waylands Smighty, an unusual structure, the Uffington White Horse. Having met the famous sounding stone on the way, the tourist should not miss the opportunity to blow into one of the holes of this boulder and get a very characteristic sound.

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Topic: Ridgeway Road in the UK.Ridgeway Road in the UK

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