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Giant (geoglyph) in Great Britain

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ImageThis unusual geoglyph is called"The Giant of Sern-Ebbas" (or, colloquially,"Rough Man"). It is located in the UK on a hill descent near the village of Cerne Ebbas in Dorset. A gigantic drawing 55 meters high and 51 meters wide depicts a naked man with a carefully drawn erect phallus and a curved club held in his hand. The drawing was made in trenches 30 cm wide and deep. The exposed chalk soils gave the figure a white color, making it perfectly visible from a distance, as well as from the air. On the issue of the origin and age of this figure, there are still disputes, since it is impossible to accurately determine them. At the same time, it was found that the outlines of the drawing changed over time, for example, the cloak on the arm disappeared, and the previously severed head"grew" into place. The researchers assumed that the giant was some kind of Saxon deity, then that Hercules himself was carved on the slope. The latter theory was also confirmed by the fact that a cloak from the skin of a Nemean lion and a club are often found in the images of the Roman hero. And the locals have a legend that the drawing is the outline of the body of a giant who really existed and was killed by shepherds. However, the fact that the figure was first mentioned and described only in the 18th century suggests that it was created a little earlier than that time. But in any case, the giant took his place in local folklore among the deities that patronize fertility. So, according to legend, a woman who fell asleep on the image of a giant's phallus will definitely get rid of infertility.

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Topic: Giant (geoglyph) in Great Britain.Giant (geoglyph) in Great Britain

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